Aerial Drone Photography

Awe-inspiring, compelling, and state of the art.

Break the mold in the real estate market with our FAA licensed aerial drone photography or videography.

FGHI is here to help your agency skyrocket.

What Is Aerial Drone Photography?

FGHI is proud to offer aerial drone photography or videography to provide a bird’s eye view of a property you’ve got listed. High quality photography not only allows agents to show off a property in style, but can help increase your sales and give you more compelling pitches. Whether you want to give somebody a fresh new perspective on a property or a better view of the neighborhood, aerial drone photography can fit your business needs and send your profits sky high.

Benefits of Aerial Drone Photography

  • Well-done drone shots provide an interesting and awe-inspiring perspective that a customer wouldn’t normally be able to get.
  • Drone footage can not only give a top-down view of the home, but a dynamic view of the neighborhood, including what amenities are nearby and what the neighborhood looks like.
  • Virtual tours, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, are a great way to get future customers engaged from the comfort of their own home. Drones offer a unique way to do just that.