Drone Roof Inspections

Mobile, thorough, and safe roof inspections.

Have a steep roof? Clay, tile or metal? At FGHI, we are licensed with the FAA to perform drone inspections for roofs that would otherwise be difficult, dangerous or possibly damaged due to the material.

FGHI is here to keep a roof over your head. Opt in to a roof inspection today!

Benefits of Drone Usage

Safety and a thorough inspection are the main reasons drones come in handy. Drones enable us to perform a roof inspection while remaining safely on the ground, and this may be the single greatest advantage of their use. Because of their mobility, drones have the advantage of being able to access all areas of both the roof and the upper exterior sections of a house that binoculars and tripods cannot. When we use a drone to inspect your home, it also saves time — drones can save hours of work that’d otherwise require us to use antiquated tools, or take the risk of climbing the roofs ourselves.

Don’t settle for outdated technology! Chose safety, modern standards, and a more thorough and long-lasting solution today!

Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

There can be a number of reasons you decide to get a roof inspection. Often, a real estate agent needs to assess the value of an entire home, including its roof! Ensuring the roof inspection is thorough will allow your agent to have a better estimate on your home’s quality. Furthermore, it saves time and money for future repairs — after all, smaller, more miniscule roof repairs cost less than a larger repair that was overlooked, and since your roof is the first thing to weather the elements, it’s imperative to keep careful tabs on its wear and tear.

Whether you’re performing routine maintenance, or need to assess the damage of a disaster, drones are a safer and more rigorous means to inspect your roof.